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Coolest Triple Dip Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake

I recently made this Triple Dip Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake for my son’s birthday, and everyone thought it was the best ever! I used a box of chocolate cake mix for the cone, which I prepared in an 11×16 pan. After it was baked and cooled, I cut it diagonally, then stacked it with a thin layer of icing to hold it in place. I iced it with chocolate icing and made the criss-cross marks on the cone by dragging a butter knife through it, then added chocolate sprinkles. For the “ice-cream” I prepared a box of funfetti cake mix in a 10″ springform pan. After it was cooled I cut 1/3 off the bottom of the circle and cut that in half again to make the small side scoops. I then cut a small portion off of both the right and left sides of the large part of the circle that remained, so that the smaller “scoops” could butt right up against it.

I covered the “ice-cream” part of the cake with vanilla frosting, and placed it up against the cone, with the large scoop in the center and the two smaller scoops on either side. (The springform pan made a thicker cake, so one layer of that was equal in height to 2 stacked layers of the oblong pan) I would have left the top all white (for vanilla ice-cream) because it looked super delicious just like that, but my son wanted colored ice-cream…so… I used red and blue cake decorating spray to color the smaller scoops (while I shielded the rest of the white with a napkin to protect it from overspray), then added chocolate sprinkles to the red side, multi-color sprinkles to the blue side, and white sparkle sugar to the vanilla.

I used white decorator icing and chocolate covered candy pieces to cover the seam between the ice-cream and the cone. When I noticed that the decorator icing was much “whiter” than the vanilla cake frosting, I decided it would make perfect looking whipped cream which I topped with a real fresh cherry!

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