Cool Homemade In the Night Garden Birthday Cake Idea

I made this In the Night Garden Birthday Cake Idea for my daughter’s second birthday and she loved it!! Her last year’s one was a disaster!!

It’s a chocolate cake with white chocolate butter icing. I got the recipe off the net. I iced the cake using a palette knife but it was really bumpy. I didn’t like the look of it so I left it in the fridge to harden up then smoothed it with my (clean) fingers, the heat from my hand smoothed it perfectly!

All the figures are made with royal icing. I coloured them all with food colouring (Makka Pakka was hard to match!). They took me hours and I started this cake a week before her birthday! The good thing is you can make them and leave them in an airtight container. Thea is not made from icing, they are candles as is the number two.

The little ball boarder on the cakes are royal icing, was really easy to do and would most likely put a nice finishing touch to any cake!!

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