Coolest In the Night Garden Cake

I decided to make my son’s first birthday cake after reading other ideas on this page. I baked a basic sponge cake and cut it into a number one. I then used a package icing coloured it with green food colouring then rolled it out thin. I found this was the hardest to master… after reading advice online coated the rolled out icing with a layer of cling plastic and rolled it onto the rolling pin, then placed it carefully on the cake. I then joined all the seems and folds.

The stepping stones I made by cutting the white out of Jersey caramels and rolling and squishing them into the right shapes. The grass is coloured dessicated coconut that I stuck down on the plate with a mix of sugar and water painted thinly onto the cake plate. The flowers around the cake are made with icing balls coated in coloured dessicated coconut. And the figurines I cheated and brought from Toys r’Us (you can also get them from Safeway). Upsey Daisy’s flowers were taken from our garden.

Had a ball making this cake for my son and will be making others now in the future for him as well. Thank you Elad for this wonderful page as without the ideas here would never have thought of making my own cake!

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