Coolest Indiana Jones Cake

My son wanted to have the full picture and face of Indiana Jones. I searched the web and couldn’t come up with anything that I felt would do justice to Indiana Jones. So while on the “official” Indiana Jones site the silhouette image appeared while the web page was loading and “bam” my Indiana Jones Cake idea was born.

I was able to find a coloring page picture of Indy with his whip, printed it off, sized it to my cake and then colored it in entirely with black and then recopied it so I could transfer it to the cake (I tried the gel method this time and it worked great). I blended the colors of golden yellow, orange and pinkish-red to produce the sunset background.

After that I cut out the letters of my sons name and how old he was turning from dyed fondant! Him and everyone else loved it!

Thanks to this website for all the great ideas!!

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