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Coolest Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower

My son Noel wanted an Indiana Jones Party. I made this Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower for him to fit the theme. It is the first time I am creating a “scene” cake.

I baked 2 round cakes of different sizes and stack them one on top of the other. Then I carved the cakes to create a little hill. Next I covered the cake with frosting. I rolled a long roll of fondant and placed it at the front of the cake to create a path for Indiana Jones to run down. Finally I rolled a round sheet of fondant and covered the entire cake and cake board.

I placed the Indiana Jones boulder topper at the top of the cake and the doll along the path. I placed rock like candies around the cake. Green pieces of fondant were placed around to create grass patches. For the trees, roll a piece of fondant into a cone shape and snip with scissors.

The cupcakes were simply covered with a swirl of frosting and topped with Indiana Jones cupcake rings.

I like to use fondant. They make amateurs seem like professionals. I find butter cream difficult to manage.

Indiana Jones Cake

2 thoughts on “Coolest Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower”

  1. Wow, this is an amazing cake! I am getting ready to make one for my 5 year old but have never worked with fondant so I don’t think I will try it this time.

  2. Thanks Keri. Fondant is not difficult. My husband says that it’s my Playdoh. I use ready made fondant so it’s easier and I’m sure the consistency is right. Give it a try.


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