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Coolest Indiana Jones Birthday Cake

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do when my nephew asked for an 1ndiana Jones Birthday Cake. I generally use Wilton shaped pans for the kids birthday cakes, but they did not have one for Indiana Jones. After thinking over several possibilities I decided to hand paint the cake. (I used the same picture that was on the Indiana Jones party napkins/plates.)

To do this I reversed the picture of Indiana Jones and then printed it. I covered the picture with wax paper and traced the outline with Wilton’s black gel. Then I placed the wax paper down onto the cake and peeled it off (very carefully) to transfer the outline. I used icing to hand paint the remainder of the picture onto the cake. Then applied crushed nuts and rubber snakes and bugs as a finishing touch.

Despite the way it may sound or look, this cake was actually very easy to create and my nephew loved it.



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  1. I looked at all the Indiana Jones cake designs and this looks like the best and easiest. I especially like how you show the 3 different pictures. It really helps. I am making this cake for my nephew’s birthday and I’m sure he’ll be very happy.


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