Coolest Indiana Jones Cake

This Indiana Jones cake was made from one box of chocolate cake mix, baked in a 9″ circle, 1 mini loaf pan and 1 cupcake, according to package directions.

After cooling, the mini loaf was cut through the center, making the “cave” sides. The cupcake was rounded into a ball for the stone.

1 can of chocolate frosting covered the circle and the cave. Homemade vanilla frosting (tinted grey) was used to frost the “stone ball”.

The trees were made from wide pretzel sticks and green tissue paper fastened on with rubber bands at the top. The path (or dirt) is light brown sugar, and the cake is edged with the sprinkles that came with the frosting.

The figurine was found in a local department store.

The candles will be inserted on the top edges of the cave (so as to not start the trees on fire!!)

This cake is to reinvent the scene with the stone rolling through the cave. The kids might notice (as mine did) that Indy should be carrying a gold statue and not a crystal skull, since they’re from different movies.

The cake was a hit nonetheless!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Indiana Jones Cake”

  1. Have just written the shopping list – thanks this is fantastic – and you don’t need to be Michaelangelo to make it, but am sure it will be hard enough!

  2. You’ve just solved my problems!! My son Matthew’s birthday is this afternoon and he wants an Indy cake!
    This looks great and very doable!

  3. You could also use ground Graham Cracker crumbs for the path, if you didn’t want to use straight sugar. It looks really cute. My little sister is wanting me to make an Indie cake for our brother, and a Brisco County Jr. (90s TV series) cake for her. I scoping for ideas :)


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