Coolest Irish Army Tank Cake

My army mad 8yr old announced he would like an army type cake so I was delighted to come across your web site! I got great inspiration for this Homemade Irish Army Tank Cake from all the fantastic cake recipes and helpful tips.

I started by making two plain sponges in a Swiss roll tin (10in x 14in). Using 4 oz plain flour, 4oz caster sugar, 4 eggs beaten together, bake at 190c for 12min. I sandwiched these together with jam and cream when cooled. I placed this on a tin foil covered wooden board.

Then I made a single Swiss roll sponge with 1 oz of cocoa sifted in and baked as above. When cool I cut this in half and sandwiched together with jam , I then stuck this on top of the first cake to make the top of the tank ( I kids called it the turret!!)

I then made the butter icing with a bag of ready made Royal icing powder and added softened butter and beat to a creamy butter icing. To colour it I used green colouring and added a few drops of red colouring to dull down the green. I plastered the cake using a flat palate knife.

I stuck Oreos on the edge as wheels and used small thin bars of dark chocolate as the wheel caterpillar tracks ( from Aldi). To finish I stuck on two plastic army soldiers and a plastic gun in the front as the cannon.

Finally we made an Irish flag to fly on our masterpiece! The cake was a huge hit with everyone.

Homemade Irish Army Tank Cake

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