Coolest Jack and the Beanstalk Cake

I made this Jack and the Beanstalk Cake for a friend of mine’s child whose name is of course Jack!! First of all you need to make an oblong shaped sponge cake. The one I made was approx. 6inch x 12inch. I used 6oz caster sugar, 6oz margarine, 3 eggs, 12oz self raising flour, teaspoon of vanilla essence and a dash of milk.

Slice this cake into two through the center, spread with buttercream, sandwich back together. Then you need to hollow out a small dip where Jack’s head is to be placed. Then spread buttercream all over the outside of the sponge cake. Colour a block of ready to use icing green. Roll out enough to completely cover the cake. Out of flesh coloured icing model out Jack’s face, with a worried look. Hair can easily be made by squeezing the icing through a garlic press.

Make a large shoe out of icing and place this at the top of the cake, this represents the giant climbing down after Jack. Out of a slightly darker green first roll out some long thin pieces and place onto the cake, these will be the beanstalk.(You can always darken any that is left of the original block of icing you coloured to cover the cake). Then using a leaf shape cutter, cut out leaves and place them around the cake. These pieces can be secured to the cake with a tiny amount of water brushed on with a pastry brush.

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