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Coolest Jungle Book Cake

This Jungle book cake is a page from my son’s favorite Curious George book. It’s where the painters go to lunch and George paints the apartment to look like a jungle while they are gone. It was my favorite book too, and I used to love this page! In fact, I read to him from the same copy that I had as a kid.

I made 2 rectangle sheet cakes, put them together side by side, then contoured the sides slightly to resemble an open book. After the cake was iced & smooth, I used an icing comb to make the pages along the edges. Then the cake was put in the freezer to set. A straight pin was used to draw a rough outline of the main objects on the page, then I held my breath & tried to keep a steady hand to fill in the rest.

It looked a lot better after the last step, which was to outline everything in a very thin black icing line to give definition. This one was fun!

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