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Easy Homemade Jungle Safari Birthday Cake

My son was turning 7 and wanted a Tarzan cake. I came to this site and even though there were no cakes of Tarzan, there were plenty of Jungle and Safari cakes to get ideas from. I created this Jungle Safari birthday cake based on many of the cakes I saw on this site.

I first made a basic 9×13 cake and a very large cupcake. After cooling I set the cupcake on the upper left corner of the cake and iced the whole thing with white frosting tinted green from gel icing color you can get from any craft store (you can use food coloring, too). I used the side of my spreading knife to make the icing stand up to look like tall grass in a jungle. (This was so nice compared to other projects where you have to be careful to keep the frosting smooth!)

I created the water using blue gel icing and the sand around it was crushed graham crackers. The boulders in the water were my son’s idea. They were pieces I had cut off the cupcake when trimming it up for the mountain. I thought that was a great idea. We then used Chinese noodles coated with green candy melts (by Wilton) for the bushes and longer grass around the edges of the cake and placed in various locations on the surface of the cake.

The palm trees are edible drinking straws with green fruit rollups for the leaves. I cut the rollups in appropriate strips and then cut tiny slits in each end to look like the palm leaves. This was attached with more of the melted green candy. I also attached brown cocoa puffs for coconuts and runt bananas to the upper part of the palm tree. It takes very little time for the candy melts to dry so this works like glue, it’s awesome!

I finished it by putting some little plastic wild animals on the cake. This was a big hit with all the kids. The only negative was that I didn’t make enough palm trees so that each child could have one!

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  1. Thanks for being so specific on the pieces you used. I’m planning my son’s cake and your ideas have brought it all together for me!


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