Coolest Ketchup Cake

This cake is for the ULTIMATE Ketchup lover!

The cake is made from a recipe I stumbled across called “Surprise Chocolate Cake”, which actually contains KETCHUP! What a riot!

The cake was simply cut into a ketchup bottle shape, iced with BRIGHT red icing (I used 2 big and 1 small bottle of food coloring) the label was made from colored fondant. All the detail on the label was simply modeled from a Heinz ketchup bottle. I personalized the label to say the year of birth, and a 20 for the big ketchup loving birthday boy!

It was fun to make and not really difficult. My sister and I had a blast making it together. I got the general idea from this site, however the rest is history. I hope you get inspired to make something awesome after checking out the ultimate Ketchup Cake! Enjoy!

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