Coolest Miller Lite Cake

I made this Miller Lite Cake for my older sister’s 23rd birthday. I knew I wanted to make a theme cake and since my sister is a Miller Lite fan I thought I would give it a shot. The cake is actually made up of 2 9×13 cake pans and is simple boxed white cake. The frosting is plain milk chocolate frosting from a can. The decorating frosting is tube frosting.

I first baked my two cakes and allowed them to cool. Once cooled, I removed the cakes from their pans and sat them side by side. I then placed the cakes end to end to figure out the best place to cut the cakes so they would line up seamlessly. Once lined up properly, I began to cut out my bottle shape. I did mine free hand after looking up the bottle online.

After the bottle shape was cut, I began to work on my label. I first put down a thin layer of white frosting then with my frosting knife gently traced out my label’s general design. Then with my tube frosting I began to filling in the label from the inside out. Once I had completed the lower label, I went to work on the upper label using the same technique.

After the labels were done I frosted the entire cake in the milk chocolate frosting and was finished.

I am very pleased with the way my cake turned out and my sister loved it. Hope you guys like it.

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