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Coolest Ladybug Birthday Cake Idea

Last minute, I got a call from a friend that BOTH of her kids needed birthday cakes! Lily wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting with lady bugs (the strawberry frosting was canned Pillsbury frosting).

At my local cake supply store, I picked up some sugar lady bugs, royal icing roses and sugar letters. I baked two 9″ round cakes and one 8″ round. I cut the 8″ round into smaller circles for the lady bug’s body and head. I frosted the bottom with strawberry frosting and then added the lady bug parts to the top. I used Wilton red sparkly piping gel for the body and black frosting for the head and body details. I dotted it with some sugar lady bugs, added the personalization, added a blue ribbon border and the Ladybug Birthday Cake Idea was done.

She couldn’t wait to cut the cake and she chose to eat the lady bug’s head.


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