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Easy Homemade Ladybug Cake

My daughter loves lady bugs. For her second birthday we decided on a lady bug theme, so this is the final product of the ladybug cake for our little lady.

I baked a huge full sheet, double layer strawberry cake (four boxes of cake mix!) filled it with vanilla pudding (two boxes of instant pudding mix), and frosted it with vanilla icing. I dyed some of the frosting red, and made both, top and bottom borders red.

A heart shaped cookie cutter was used to outline a perfect heart for the lady bug’s body, and a round one for the head. I filled in the head using yellow dyed icing, and the body with the red icing. Then I used black dyed icing to outline the lady bug, and for the spots on body and face.

I added some yellow and red flowers along all four sides. This was probably a 15-20 pound cake. It was a big hit at our little girl’s party!

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