Coolest Lady Bug Cake

My little niece was celebrating her first birthday with a lady bug themed birthday party. This Homemade Lady Bug Cake was her party cake that I created for her after viewing other lady bug cake ideas from this site. We decided to go with a fondant covered cake for molding/detail purposes for the party cake, and then I did an all buttercream covered lady bug as her “smoosh cake”.

The base of this cake is two 10inch rounds. I did white cake with a fresh strawberry glaze and buttercream icing sandwiched in between the layers. I then covered this stacked cake with fondant rolled out on the Wilton flower patterned fondant Mat. I get almost all of my cake supplies at A.C. Moore and you can find a vast variety of Wilton product there. However, I tend not to use the Wilton fondant. I don’t prefer the taste and go to a local Mom and Pop shop in my town to purchase Satin Ice fondant. You can easily make your own but I just prefer decorating with Satin Ice.

I made the bug body out of one half of the Wilton large ball pan set. This was stacked ontop of the 10inch base and then heavily coated in buttercream and then covered in red fondant. I made the markings on the bug body using a cobblestone press. The bug head was a big ball of black fondant attached with royal icing and held with hidden toothpicks. The circles on the bugs body are just fondant cut with circle cutters. There are 4 circles with red swirls in them on the bugs body and that was an experiment. I tried with the new Wilton sugar sheets and cutters set. The verdict is still out on whether or not I like those yet. The antennas were made with some metal floral wire spiraled around a large wooden down for shape and then I place small balls of black fondant on the tips of them. The facial features were all piped on with buttercream icing.

To finish the cake up I piped a border around the edge with butter cream and used pre-made Wilton flowers to “garnish” the cake with. The leaves were made out of fondant using the Wilton leaf press. The birthday girl’s name was made out of molded chocolate using a letter mold set.

The “Smoosh cake” was made out of another half of the Wilton Ball pan set and then coated in buttercream and then star tip covered in tinted buttercream. The flowers are also pre-made pink posies from Wilton.

Homemade Lady Bug Cake

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