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Coolest Laser Tag Vest Cake

My step-daughter wanted to do laser tag for her 11th birthday party. So I scoured the internet looking for ideas on what to make for the birthday cake. There are not a lot of examples out there but I found a few ideas for a laser tag vest cake.

The vest was the best way to go. The cake is simply a 9 by 13 single layer cake. I made an extra 8 inch round cake to add dimension to the cake. First, I cut the round cake in half, and then into quarters. For two of those quarters, I cut off a 2 inch section and used them for the 2 raised chest sections. The other 4 circular quarters were used for the raised abdominal sections (the 2 smaller ones are on the bottom).

I iced the 9 by 13 cake with butter cream and then placed the chest sections and ab sections on top. On the 9 by 13 cake, I carved out the neck. I rolled out some grey fondant and covered the entire cake. I rolled out the black fondant onto a cutting board that had texture to create the design. I cut it out into the shapes of the neck, chest, and abs. Red and black fondant was then rolled or cut out to create the finishing details.

My daughter and her friends were absolutely thrilled with the cake after their game of laser tag.

Coolest Laser Tag Vest Cake

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