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Cool Homemade Legend of Zelda Birthday Cake

I made this 8-bit Legend of Zelda cake for my husband (a life-long Zelda fanatic) for his birthday. The cake (a half-sheet cake) is dark chocolate-bacon flavored with maple-bacon frosting, and the fondant has a touch of bacon flavoring (from a bottle of liquid bacon flavoring) as well (he likes bacon…). It turned out amazingly delicious!

The design is made entirely from homemade marshmallow fondant (I’m not very good at piping, so I figured I’d be better with making the letters out of fondant, but I’m thinking I need to just learn to pipe better for future cakes).

I drew out a grid of Link before I started and used a tiny metal cookie cutter to get the even squares. My husband “helped” by playing the game while I made the cake so I could reference the actual game for accuracy of the strip at the top. The bushes are just poorly piped left-over maple-bacon frosting.

All in all, this was an astoundingly easy cake (thanks to the mini cookie cutter)!

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  1. When I was scanning though all the beautiful pictures and I saw Link I cracked up. You don’t know how many hours I played this game with my kids. We have played all the new versions but this one will always be my favorite. I have got make this cake for my son. He will love it. Thank you for making memories come back through smiles!


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