Coolest Lego Birthday Cake

This Lego cake was for my nephew Noah’s 8th birthday. The cake itself is made from two 9” cakes and two 6” cakes. I used two boxes of cake mix divided evenly among the four pans. The cakes are iced with buttercream frosting tinted with the Wilton gels in yellow and red.

The Legos on the cake are made with fondant, which I colored blue, purple, yellow, red and green using the Wilton gels. I made each Lego individually—forming the square or rectangle first and then adding small, slightly squashed balls to resemble the different size Lego bricks. I made them several days ahead of time so that they could dry a bit before the party. These were just set around the cake.

The topper is made from actual Legos to form the letters for my nephew’s name. I had initially planned the put the Lego letters directly on the cake, but there wasn’t enough room. Instead, I stuck a BBQ skewer in the bottom of each letter, using a bit of modeling clay to hold the skewer in place in the Legos. The kids got a bit kick out of being able to eat Legos!

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