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Coolest LEGO Birthday Cake

What little boy doesn’t love LEGOS?

My son wanted Legos for his birthday and he got them! I used two cake mixes and made four loaf cakes, skimming off the tops to make them flat and stackable. I built a mini-model with actual Lego’s to have a sample and decide what combination of colors and arrangement of “blocks” would work the best. I stacked two full loaves and two half loaves for a stack-of-bricks look.

I put a thin layer of butter cream frosting between the layers to hold them together…wouldn’t it be cool if you could make cakes like real Lego’s with interlocking pieces? I tinted white butter cream with gel food coloring, comparing it to the real bricks until I got the color pretty close. The top “nubs” on the blocks were the most challenging, I experimented with different items. First I made a dozen mini-cupcakes in a mini-muffin pan, but the shape wasn’t quite right. So I wound up using marshmallows.

I cut full-size marshmallows carefully in half trying not to squish them. Then, holding them with a toothpick, I painstakingly frosting them, trying to get them as smooth as possible, and let them set and harden up a bit stuck into a piece of foam before transferring them onto the cake. I wonder if I could have thinned down the frosting and dipped them? Or if I could have matched melting chocolate to the same color and dipped them in that? It was difficult, but ultimately I got them to work.

Same with the bricks themselves…if I had used fondant it would have been smooth, but my kids prefer the taste of butter cream so taste won out over appearance. I just didn’t get the butter cream quite smooth enough, especially trying to make the rounded loaf pan corners look like the crisp right angles of Lego blocks. The Lego logo was an afterthought, but I thought it was a nice touch! The kids devoured the cake at the party and suggested that I could do little Lego singles as cupcakes…that would be a cute idea, too!

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  1. Looks great! We saw your cake and my son is Bennett so he asked for this. I baked 2 13×9 sheet cakes, froze them, trimmed the edges to make them right angles and cut them into 6 4×8 inch rectangles. I used 2 rectangles layered for the big blocks and half of them (so 4×4) stacked on top of each other for the 2 square blocks. The marshmallows for studs looked great. I made sure to put the writing on as I frosted each block so it looked neater. Great ideas!!!


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