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Coolest Lightning Mcqueen Cake Design

For my son’s 3 year old birthday, decided to make a Homemade Lightning Mcqueen Cake Design. Many hours looking at the cakes on here gave me inspiration & tips!

I started by making 2 sheet cakes and a loaf tin cake. Stacked the two sheet cakes together to get the desired height and then using my son’s Lighting McQueen car as model, cut out the shape of front and rear car body. Then used loaf cake to cut out top part of car and a bit for the rear spoiler – used toothpicks and wooden skewers to hold in place.

Covered the whole cake in red cream cheese icing. For the wheels used licorice rounds with a piece of red fondant stuck on each, black icing pen for detail and white icing pen for the writing. Used cut out fondant for the car detailing – grey for the side windows and stripes on top, white for the mouth and front windscreen, and yellow for the lightning bolts on the sides.

Used blue peanut “m&m’s” with dot of black icing for eyes. The bonnet was marked out with a line of red gel icing.

For the Rusteze symbol on the front, I cheated and printed out an image on paper from the computer! This cake took about 6 hours all up but I was pretty happy with the outcome and I think my son was too!

Homemade Lightning Mcqueen Cake Design

Homemade Lightning Mcqueen Cake Design

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