Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

This was a first attempt at a Little Einsteins rocket cake and sadly I was in a hurry at the end, so I ran out of fondant (which is why you see so much white sugar on the rutters trying to hold the fondant on)! I made the fondant myself, which was cracking around the seam between rocket’s top and bottom section. I piped the red border to cover cracks!

Important note–to make truly red, you need a LOT of coloring. I bought the Cars red that Wilton makes (you can buy a 4 pack of colors for some characters like Dora, Cars, etc.), which was good, but still needed a lot, then once I started adding the powdered sugar to the fondant, it got lighter. I read some suggestions to use cocoa to make colors darker, so I tried some of that, then kneaded in even more red (using a plastic bag on my hands, so they weren’t glowing!). The other colors were great–especially the yellow for the lights–perfect and didn’t need much! I overdid the blue–go easy, it’s a light blue.

To build rocket, I also used this site for inspiration. Someone else did the sticker as the window–BRILLIANT! I actually thought about building each character out of fondant or marzipan–whew, glad I didn’t. (My 3 year old surely would’ve noticed their imperfections) I used a regular 9 x 13 sheet pan to carve the main body of rocket, and 2 different size glass bowls for the top section. Glass worked well, too, since the cakes didn’t come out as crumby and were easier to frost.

I did an oval shaped le creuset casserole dish for the base, but the middle and top were so heavy, it just crushed it (I put another sticker on the rear to hide the droop where I propped it up with more ice cream cone bottoms). If I do it again, I wouldn’t bother adding the bottom (which is probably why no one else did it with real cake).

I, like others, froze the cakes before carving and frosting them, which definitely made it easier to work with and make smooth. The whole cake was frosted with buttercream before the fondant was put on and I piped the windows and lights with decorating icing.

For the jets, I used ice cream cones and graham crackers. This worked beautifully! They were light in weight and the cones even looked like the turbines of the jets (but I had to cover them with blue frosting). If you could get blue cones (mine were colored, but not blue), it’d look fantastic!

Finally, the antenna, like other people did, is a tootsie pop. My son requested the grab nabber and look and listen scope, but that was just pushing his luck. :) Fun cake to make and watching him jump up and down made it all worth it!

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  1. your cake is so much fun. the imperfections could never be detected by an amateur or a three year old. you are very inventive and I am proud of your efforts. I cannot wait to see your next birthday is in May.


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