Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Let me make this as easy as possible. First I’ll list the items I used on this Little Einsteins Rocket cake then I’ll explain how:

Wilton Football cake pan

Wilton 3-D Egg cake pan

Wilton 12 inch round cake pan

(2) 24 oz. pkgs of Wilton Ready-To-Use White Rolled Fondant

(2) 1 oz bottles of Wilton Red No Taste Icing Color

(1) 1 oz bottle of Wilton Royal Blue Icing Color

(2) packages of Wilton Silver Shimmer Dust

(1) package of Wilton Yellow Shimmer Dust

2 jumbo marshmallows

5 boxes of any flavor cake mix

Whipped Cream Icing

Buttercream frosting

For the bottom part of Rocket “the belly”, I baked a cake using a football pan to get the pointy-oval shape with a little roundness underneath. The “cabin” is made with the 3-D egg pan and the rockets are made from fondant. There was a LOT of carving work on both the football cake and the egg cake to get the shape I wanted.

The red part of Rocket is fondant. I used silver and yellow shimmer dust to paint on marshmallows for the headlights. Simply mix a little lemon juice with the dust and it will turn into a paint. The antenna is a tootsie pop stick covered with fondant with a ball of rolled fondant.

The “fins” on top of the engines are fondant covered cardboard which is the only part of the cake that is not edible. Before covering Rocket with fondant, you need to apply a thin layer of buttercream. This will help the fondant to stick.

The bottom cake is all whipped cream icing (if I did this cake again I would use buttercream because the whipped topping was to slippery for Rocket to sit on (buttercream hardens somewhat to help hold Rocket up there).

Note before carving: You need to let the cake sit out of the oven a couple hours until it is completely cooled. Then you need to place the cake in the fridge for another couple hours before you begin carving it. Then you should immediately add the buttercream layer to lock in the moisture of the cake. Good luck!

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  1. I love it.. Thank you for the VERY detailed directions. I can’t wait to make one for my little boy. He loves Little Einstein. And what cracked me up too was that you too have the lovely Pink tile in your kitchen that I have too!


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