Coolest Log Cabin Cake

This was done as a groom’s cake for my wedding. The cabin is three Wilton house Cakes put together and using the resulting “sides” as the front. The chimney is butter cream and candy stones on a cereal treat chimney and the stream is blue piping gel with a border of random rocks.

The chopping black is fondant covered cereal treats with a doll house axe stuck in it and there is a canoe, cereal treats covered with fondant again half in the stream half out. It sits on a sheet cake with crumbled chocolate cake crumbs and brown sugar to make the dirt. The logs are a chocolate gnauche piped on with a circular frosting tip and the “thatched roof” was done by layering slivered walnuts on an already frosted roof.

The house was frosted with white butter cream before the logs were added on. We tried to use tootsie rolls or snack cakes but they made the homemade log cabin cake either impossible to cut or out of scale.

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