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Coolest Luke vs Darth Star Wars Birthday Cake

My 7 year old son wanted to have a Star Wars birthday cake with both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on it….hmmm, what to do? Then I found the Darth and Luke figurines at a local party store and had the thought of making them have a “battle”.  Then I thought that putting their “masters” (so to speak-I’m not really into the whole Star Wars lingo) overlooking the battle.

I made a 1/2 sheet cake and used butter cream icing. I then used the spray on icing to make one half blue and the other red. The “masters” are edible images and I took a clean paintbrush and kinda touched around them to make it try to appear as though they were watching over Darth and Luke in spirit. My son loved it and played with the figurines (the light sabers lit up) for a long time afterwards….he probably still has them somewhere!

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