This was a request for a Minnie Mouse inspired cake. They didn’t want the silhouette on the cake just the feel of Minnie. It was going great, had the ears drying, the bows formed and fondant made. The ears and bows are gum paste, the rest of the decorations are fondant. I stacked the lower tier, marble cake with chocolate butter cream and moved onto the small six inch top tier. Disaster! It was a white cake with vanilla butter cream and sliced strawberries.

I put a thin layer of frosting on the layer, rimmed it put strawberries on it, coated the bottom of the next layer so the strawberries would soak the cake and finish stacking. Wrapped the outside with frosting and watched as the cake started to spread out in the middle, it just grew fat. I couldn’t stop it, the cake was do the next morning. So, bake a new cake and made strawberry butter cream, stacked it and filled it. Whew! Late night but got it together. The small separate cake is a smash cake for the young lady herself. The future Aunt asked for the cake and was hoping the Mom and Grandmother would approve. They did, it was great! Had fun with it, really liked the lettering.

Hope you like it.