This cake was made a first birthday party with a Minnie Mouse theme.  The cake is a yellow cake with butter cream icing.  The 2 tier size is a 10″ double layer on the bottom and a 6″ double layer on top.  The smash cake is a single layer 4 inch cake.

The dots, ribbon and bows on the cake are made from homemade marshmallow fondant. The large minnie mouse  ears on the top of the cakes are made in Rice Krispie Treats and then covered in black marshmallow fondant and put on lollipop sticks so they would stand up when placed in the cake (and on a side note they made 4 fun Rice Krispie Treats Pops for the kids).

The minnie mouse heads on the sides of the top tier were simply circles of marshmallow fondant cut with Wilton Circle Cut-Out fondant cutters using with 1 medium circle and 2 small circles for each head (tip I did flatten the small circles slightly to make them a little bigger so the proportions were better.  I did place a few royal icing flowers on cake, but these could also be made in buttercream icing.

The bows I did on this cake are simple flat bows… made when you cut out a rectangle of fondant and pinch the center, then cut a small strip to match and wrap around the center where you pinched…voila you have a bow.  You could also make the bow using loops or choose from several other types of bows just pick your preference.  This was a lot of fun to make.  I think the simplicity of the design is what makes this cake so pretty to look at.