Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake

Being a mom is the greatest job I could ever ask for. My kids are my world and I would do anything and everything for them. So when I starting planning my daughter’s 5th birthday party, I asked her what she wanted to do for her party. Her answer changed three different times in a period of 3 weeks, lol. Well the end result was Minnie Mouse, who she loves!  So then the planning began.

I ordered all the decorations, invited family and friends, figured out food and then the cake! I have been baking for about two years now. I really found a love and passion for it. But I love to decorate cakes and come up with ideas and designs that will give it the WOW factor. So after doing a little research I came up with the idea of doing a three tiered cake pink and white of course but I wanted the top tiered to really stand out. I decided to do the iconic Minnie Head with the bow (like hats you get at Disney world).

So I laid out my pans. I decided to do 6″, 8″, and 10″ but I was still stumped on how to make this Minnie head for the top of the cake. Then I found Wilton’s 3D Sports Ball pan set and I saw how it baked in two pans then it hit me, if I flipped one of the pans over I would get the oval shape I wanted!  So I went down to my local cake supply place and purchased the pan set.

The cake flavors I wanted to do a Neapolitan cake. So I made a vanilla cake, chocolate cake and filled it with a strawberry butter cream.  I alternated the layers of cake so you would get the vanilla and chocolate in one bite! The strawberry butter cream tasted like strawberry ice cream, I couldn’t stop eating it, haha. And with the cakes I mixed pudding into my cake recipes so they were super moist and full of flavor, definetly doing that from now on with all my cakes. I covered my cakes in homemade MM fondant, colored with pink and black.

The bottom tier I covered in pink fondant and placed white strips around the edges. The middle tier I covered in white fondant and placed pink polka dots around the cake. I covered the top in black. I made the black ears out of fondant as well as the bow made of pink fondant and white polka dots. After assembling the cake I was very proud of the work I did. Once everyone starting coming in for the party they couldn’t believe how great it was. They were all very impressed and it made me feel really good about it! So here it is, hope you guys enjoy it!