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Coolest Monkey Cake

This Monkey Cake was made for my cousin’s baby shower but can be adapted for anybody who loves monkeys. I used two of my favorite scratch recipes, a yellow cake and a chocolate cake. I made two batches of each. The bottom tier is chocolate and made from 2 10″ rounds. The top is 2 8″ rounds, and the left over batter made 12 cupcakes which I iced with chocolate frosting since the icing on the cake was butter cream.

I used the top half of a cupcake to make more of a mound on the top layer and then iced both of the cakes until they were smooth.

While the icing set, I made the fondant figures. The monkey I made following the directions found on a site. Then I made the bananas, were rather time consuming. As the fondant dried and set, I used the new sugar sheets and cut the zebra border and added that. I put a small layer of yellow icing around the top mound that the bananas rest on. I then added the bananas one at a time, while I added them, I brushed a little of the Wilton brown icing color here and there on them.

I used brown icing for the tree trunks. Pink for the top border which was a reverse shell border and the lettering on top which read “There’s a little monkey on the way.” I used a leaf shaped cutter to cut the leaves and scored them lightly to create the leaf look then draped them over the bottom layer. From there, I added a grass border on top of the leaves and the letters of the name of the baby. Then the vines and small drop stars for a little added color and a few palm trees that I bought from the craft store.

Tips: Make your fondant figures ahead of time but not the leaves as you need them pliable to drape over the edge. I also used a dowel through the middle to keep the cakes straight and it was also slightly taller than the cake so i as able to place the monkey on it to keep that in line. I did use a piece o a dowel in the monkey while making it. I had wrapped a piece of Styrofoam in cling wrap and pushed it into it to hold it still.

This cake is time consuming with all the fondant work, but well worth it. Everybody loved it and it was probably the most fun I had making a cake yet and I really enjoy decorating and seeing people’s reactions.

Homemade Monkey Cake

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