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Coolest Monkey Man Cake

I made this Monkey Man Cake for my nephew’s first birthday. I found the idea from an internet search looking for “monkey cakes”.

I used store bought cake mixes, so I don’t have a recipe for you other then follow the directions on the box, although the time baking was a little different because of the pan size.

I used a large round cake pan for the face and 3 regular round cake pans for the ears and eye area. Then froze them overnight to make the cutting of them easier. I cut the ears and forehead using the large cake pan as a guide so that they would fit the larger cake snuggly.

Frosted using whipped chocolate icing and added white whipped icing to lighten up the tanner areas. And just used food coloring for the pink and yellow parts.

I used blackish/purple jawbreakers for they eyes.

For the bannans I again used the large pan as a guide and cut the remaining cake from the ears and forehead to cut 3 curved shaped peices. Then frosted them yellow and piped them in the chocolate icing.

Everyone loved it. I took me about 5 collective hours to bake and decorate, but it was worth it.

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