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Coolest Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake

This Motorcycle with Working Headlight Diaper Cake has an actual working headlight! I used a flashlight rather than a baby bottle for total effect! It is easy to reach the push switch to turn it on or off. The switch is just under the washcloth that it is wrapped in.

I decided to make it for my grandson’s first birthday knowing one year olds still need plenty of diapers. I used 40 diapers to make the 2 tires, and also the seat for the biker teddy to sit on.

I made the 2 tires by fanning out the diapers into circles, then securing with rubber bands and covering with large ribbon trim, I placed a crib sheet through the center of both tires holding together with a “link chain” toy. I took the 2 bibs and placed over each tire to look like fender covers. Then I took 2 diapers and wrapped them with the onesie and placed on the crib sheet “band”. I wrapped the flashlight in a washcloth and placed it over the front tire then I added another crib sheet through front tire for handle bars, put a “link chain” toy to connect over flashlight, and then put socks on ends for handlebars, and lastly, placed “biker” on his motorcycle.

I had ordered online 2 bibs and a onesie to match my son’s motorcycle for the fenders and seat cover, and ordered a “biker” teddybear.

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  1. This was so easy to make! I made it for my niece
    and I used 2 crib sheets,a pack of 50 diapers(with some left over-(size 1)and 3 onesies I used for the seat and fenders instead of bibs, a flashlight and a pack of those ring toys(you only need 2 of those)and 1 pr of baby socks. I’ve got
    about $30 into the whole thing. It is SUPER cute and I know she will love it!!! Thank you for the idea!!


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