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Coolest Movie Themed Popcorn Cake

My daughter wanted a movie party for her 8th birthday party. This Movie Themed Popcorn Cake seemed like the logical choice. I baked four 8″ round cakes and piled them on top of each other for the bucket. I used strawberry flavored fruit by the foot for the stripes and yellow icing for the writing.

For the popcorn, I made melted butter, marshmallows and yellow food colouring and mixed the popcorn in. After it cooled, I piled it on the bucket to look like it was full of popcorn.

The drink is a plastic cup filled with cake scraps and iced and sprinkled with blue sprinkles to look like a blue slurpee. The straw was an Oreo Sipper cookie stuck in the cup.

The cake was very easy to make and the guests loved it. In fact, a few asked if I could make their next birthday cakes!

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