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Coolest Popcorn Birthday Cake Idea

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she wanted a carnival theme. We made up all kinds of games and originally I was just going to make these small popcorn cupcakes, but then it evolved into this fantastic Popcorn Birthday Cake Idea of popcorn popping out of a popcorn bag.

The cupcakes are miniature ones that I made. Then they were iced and for the popcorn part, I used miniature marshmallows and cut them in into thirds and layed them on parchment like clover petals and then I used a dab of royal icing to stick a full miniature marshmallow on top. After they hardened, I just pushed them onto the iced cupcakes and they stuck.

The cake part was easy, I just made a rectangular slab, put it in the freezer until it was hard enough to sculpt. It is much easier to cut cake into what you want when it is frozen. It is also easier to ice frozen, because there are no loose crumbs.

For the design, I copied the goodie bags that we had for the party, which of course, were popcorn bags.

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