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Coolest Mr. Tumbles Hello Kitty Cake

My friend’s granddaughter wanted a Hello Kitty cake made for her 4th birthday. She also loves Mr. Tumble so this is what we decided to make for her.

I had to make the kitty first so it would harden and be ready when I started decorating the cake.

I first made the body of the kitty in white and shaped the legs. I set this aside for a while to harden slightly before adding the dress in pink. I then made the head, attached some ears and, attached a pink bow by the one ear and attached a yellow nose. Next, I made the arms in white and in one of the hands I made a hole with a wire to attach the wand later. Then I made a number 4 in ice blue and set it aside for a few days to harden.

It was then time to make the cake. I baked a 7″ round vanilla sponge and when cold I filled it with buttercream and jam and then covered the whole cake in buttercream and placed in the freezer to chill.
when chilled, I covered it in white fondant icing and then covered the cake board with some pink fondant icing. I set this aside for a few hours to harden slightly. Meanwhile, I coloured some icing in ice blue, orange, red, pink and yellow and I cut out some large circles like the ones on Mr. Tumbles’ spotty bag. I also cut out some small stars in yellow and attached one of the yellow stars to a wire for the wand and laid it flat to dry out.

Next, I cut out a circle in brown, big enough for Hello Kitty to stand on and attached this to the top of the cake. Then, I started to attach the coloured circles all around the cake and attached the number 4 to the front of the cake. I pipe iced around the brown circle on the top of the cake and then around the base of the cake and attached the kitty to the top using some royal icing. I attached the wand and then the small yellow stars.

All that needed doing yet was the wording on the cake board and the cake was finished.

The birthday girl loved her Mr Tumbles Hello Kitty cake!