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Coolest My Little Pony House Cake

I saw this My Little Pony House Cake on Debbie Brown’s book “Lovable Characters Cakes” and fell in love with it instantly. By coincidence the daughter of a friend of mine wanted me to do her a cake with a My Little Pony theme and therefore I made it for her.

I baked 2 23cm round cakes. Cut them both in half and spread buttercream between each layer and on the outside ofcourse. Then I placed the cake on a board which I had already covered in green sugarpaste.

I rolled out the white sugarpaste and covered the cake completely. Then I rolled out three yellow sugarpaste discs, one smaller then the other and positioned them on the top of the cake to make the roof. The larger disc first and then the middle one on it and the smaller on top.

With a knife I made some incisions all around the roof to make it appear like straw. The ponies are a little bit tricky to do but if you follow the images carefully you will have great results. I did one whole white pony and two pony’s heads. I did the outline of two windows with some purple sugarpaste and stuck them to the cake on opposite sides, then I stuck a pony’s head into each one so that it seems as if the ponies are looking outside the windows.

Finally I made some blossom flowers and bushes and scattered them all around the cake and made the door out of some yellow sugarpaste as well.

This cake is so sweet and colourful that I think every girl would love it.

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  1. I too love Debbie Browns cake ideas and have some of her wonderful books……you have made a great job of this little pony cake…awesome.


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