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Coolest Nascar Birthday Cake

My husband is a huge Nascar/Jeff Gordon fan and since it’s his birthday and on his job, the birthday boy is expected to bring a cake for the crew. I made a big Nascar Birthday Cake for them.

I made two 11×15 cake layers each 3″ high. Once cooled on wire racks, I wrapped and froze the cakes. Next day, I leveled one layer, made a dam of stiff buttercream about 1/2″ in from the edge all the way around. Filled the middle part with a whole jar of cherry preserves. Brought out the other layer from the freezer, leveled it, and set it atop the bottom layer. Then allowed the whole thing to thaw completely before icing it in white buttercream icing.

All the decorations as well as the lettering are fondant. I used white fondant and colored it myself. I had to buy a large cake board and a box to deliver the cake with as it was way too large for anything I have at home. I’m only a stay-at-home grandma and took the Wilton decorating course a couple of years ago. Have only been doing cakes for family and friends.

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