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Coolest Number 3 Birthday Cake

This Number 3 birthday cake is for my niece, Syifaa’s 3rd birthday. I thought of trying out the number cake filled with a star design. The design I adapted from this Coolest-Birthday-cakes website.

I used two of 7” round cakes, chocolate cake and milk cake. Cut it into 2 layered cakes. Put alternate layers between the 2 cakes. Drew the number three pattern on the tracing paper, cut it out. Put it on the 1st cake, then cut the cake following the outline of the pattern. Did the same thing with the second cake, this time for the bottom part of the number ‘3’. The bottom layer, I used the full round cake, only cut a small portion from both round bottom layers in order to join it.

It looked as the outline of number 8. I joined it with frosting. Then did the frosting around the bottom layer before I placed the number three on the top. Did a crumb coat around the cake. Used the other side of the tip pressed on the thin frosting as a the outline of the flower. Used the star tip for the full star tip covering. Started with the center flower with pink frosting, followed by the yellow petal. Then fill up the rest with green star frosting. Used the round tip #1 to do the pink outline around the flower petal. And pink star frosting for the bottom layer.

Finished up with the writing in pink by using round tip #3.

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  1. Yati, you have talent….. Masha’Allah this is so preety. Can you post a picture of the cake when it was cut so we can see the design inside? I am sure it looks Marvelous.


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