Coolest Ocean Birthday Cake

This ocean birthday cake was the first time I ever decorated a cake, other than putting icing on it and writing “Happy Birthday”. It was so easy and fun. This was a couple of years ago, but I think I can remember how I made it.

The cake was chocolate, my son’s favorite. I used food coloring to turn vanilla icing to blue. I also added edible glitter to the top of it to give the ‘water’ a shimmering look.

I crushed vanilla wafers for the sand/ocean floor and used speckle jelly beans for rocks. You can also buy candy that looks like rocks but I couldn’t find it in a store, only online and it was expensive.

A Teddy Graham was used for the diver. I used black writing icing to make his feet, the line, and the mask over his face.

For the seaweed I used different types of candy, bought from Walmart. Sour straws (apple flavored) was used as were fruit roll ups. I can’t remember what was used for the weeds on the left. I do remember just pulling down each section, partially to get the effect.

I bought gummy fish, stars, etc from Walmart.

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