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Coolest Scuba Diver 50th Birthday Cake

I made this Scuba Diver 50th Birthday Cake for a friend’s birthday. The cake was covered in fondant that was tinted aqua blue. The fish, plants, diver’s face, hands and tanks were made of Starbursts candy. With so many colors needed it eliminated have to color different batches of fondant. Just put the Starbursts in the microwave for a few seconds and they soften up to a play dough and then I handmade the fish, shells, etc. with the different colors.

The red plants were red licorice that were cut with a scissors and fanned out. The treasure chest and sign were made out of tootsie rolls and inside the treasure chest, I put gold covered Rolos so it would look like it was filled with gold. The diver’s body out of modeling chocolate tinted black. The top layer was cut so that it was angled so it would look like the diver was going down and I made a rock out of grey fondant to stabilize the figure.

I dusted the grey rock with black food coloring to give it a little bit of dimension. This was my first attempt at something like this and I really enjoyed doing it.

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