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Coolest Old Man Knobby Birthday Cake

It was one of my regular customer’s birthday. So I decided to make a cake in his likeness. His name is Knobby and he’s been eating at our restaurant for years. So I made an Old Man Knobby Birthday Cake.

I made 2 9″ rounds and stacked and frosted them. I made sugar cookies in the shape of ears and a cane. I slid the ears in between the layers of cake. Then frosted them also. I cut a nose out of cake scraps and put it on the top of the cake and frosted it. I used decorating gel to draw the mouth, eyes, and glasses. I used the squiggly candles and stuck them in the top for hair (which he said I put more hair on the cake than what he actually had).

He loved the cake. He said it looked just like him, but I forgot the oxygen hose and tank he always wears.

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