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Coolest Open Treasure Chest Cake

This open faced treasure chest cake was chosen by my friend’s two boys. They were having a pirate party.

To make this cake I used a traditional Chocolate Cake and a vanilla buttercream frosting.

First I made three 9×4 inch rectangle cakes, and two 10×6 jelly roll pan. Then froze all cakes overnight.

To make the top, I took a cardboard sheet and modeled it to the shape I wanted then covered it in foil. I took some thinly rounded fondant to make a velvet under lay for the lid. I froze this all together. I then placed the jelly roll cake on top, layered then sculpted to shape the rounded top.

Then stacked the bottom three layers, making sure that they were stabilized with adequate support, I place a support rod about every three square inches.

After crumb coating and refreezing the cakes, I began to roll out and cover in the fondant. To get the wood grain and spacing, I took a ruler and made the slants of wood. Then after placing the sides, I painted the wood coloring with brown food gel and lemon juice. I started the first layer with painting circles, for the knots, and dark lines to create the grain look. Then I took a lighter brown and painted it again. I repeated this until I created a look I was happy with. I did this to the top also. I created the gold binding pieces from fondant too and placed where I wanted them.

The picture shows the support system for the lift really well. However after delivery I made sure they were covered with the loot. For the loot, I used all edible candies. Candy necklaces, chocolate coins, sixlets, rock candy (the gems), sugar gems, ring pops, and sugar diamonds. The sand is just light brown sugar.

The heat was a major factor for this cake, so it was hard for it to stay in the perfect condition. But I was happy with the results and the kids loved it.


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