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Coolest Over the Hill Birthday Cake

This year for my mom’s sixtieth birthday she wanted my family and my brother’s family to meet at a nice restaurant. My brother said if I take care of the cake then he will upfront the money for the gift. Since I don’t work, it worked out for both of us. I got to searching online for an Over the Hill Birthday Cake and saw the featured Over the Hill cake of the month which gave me this idea. Instead of the classic road signs, I made “Mom’s road of life” cake.

The inside of the cake is Italian cream since we were eating at an Italian restaurant. Then I made cream cheese frosting and covered the two layers. To make the “hill” I made Rice Krispie treats and just shaped the batch immediately into a hill shape and placed on top of the cake. The “stripes in the middle of the road are noodles dyed yellow. Originally, I was trying to make it look real so that is why I chose that shade of green. In hind sight, I would now use Kelly green. I also had “trees” made out of broccoli and dipped in chocolate at the bottom but they died. So, I had to fill in the holes with more green icing the next morning.

It is hard to tell in the pic but the signs are a blue boot (brother), pink high heel (me), nursing degree logo, a grandchild poem, Woman owned business logo (where her car is now) and then it proceeds to denture sign, depends sign, No keys allowed sign, and finally, the nursing home in the town she lives in.

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