This Over the Hill Toilet Cake was for an Over the Hill Birthday party for two brothers. They wanted something funny, not too black and Grimm Reaper style. I carved the toilet from styrofoam and covered it with white fondant. Then my friend Michelle and I created the small details such as the lettering, the toilet paper, the plunger (the handle is a wooden dowel), the toilet handle and the small red towel from fondant as well.

I used a black and white place mat taped to a piece of cardboard for the bathroom floor. I placed dowels through the bottom of the back of the toilet and through the cardboard to secure it to the cake below. The toilet water is simply piping gel (no coloring) and the “stuff” in the toilet bowl is Baby Ruth candy bars slightly melted and then formed into curved shapes.

The toilet is sitting on a layer cake covered in white and black butter cream icing. This cake was a big hit!