Funny Homemade Toilet with Plungers Cake

The perfect cake to celebrate Troy’s graduation from the Plumber’s Local’s Apprenticeship – A TOILET with Plungers.

After five long years of apprenticeship school, two nights a week while working full time, and with three children, my son, Troy, graduated from Local 5 as a Journeyman Plumber. He said it was not his dream as he was growing up to be a plumber, but he knows it is a good way to make an honest living and provide for his family! His sister’s and I wanted to have a party to celebrate his accomplishment and I came out of ‘semi-cake retirement’ to make his special cake….. a toilet cake with plunger pops!! It was the hit of the party… along with the steamed crabs and all of the delicious dips and food!

I stacked two 10 inch round fudge marble cake layers and cut the top one in a bit of a horseshoe shape to form the toilet seat. I smooth iced the ‘toilet’ with white butter cream and spread some blue gel on the top of the bottom layer to represent that BLOO toilet bowl water. I only put one border, around the very bottom edge of the ‘toilet’. I made the “tank” from a box covered with white contact paper and used a gift box lid for the tank lid. If you need to serve more cake the tank could easily be made from three stacked cakes cut from a sheet cake and smooth iced with butter cream.

For my Plunger Pops, I purchased small brownie bites from a local grocery store bakery, cut thick pretzel rods into ‘handles’ approx. 5 in long or whatever is appealing to your eye and proportional to the ‘plunger’. I gently inserted the pretzel into the brownie bite and then dipped the brownie into melted Merckens milk chocolate. You can use Wilton’s candy melts if you prefer. I stood them on wax paper to allow them to dry completely. Honestly, even though I was alone when I made these, I laughed out loud when the first “plunger” came up out of the chocolate… it was toooooo perfect and toooooooo funny!

When my ten year old grandson saw the photo of the finished cake he said, “We put the pink streamers everywhere for the baby shower… why can’t we decorate for Troy’s party with toilet paper… so we DID!!! When we set the cake up at the party, we added a partially used roll of toilet paper and some toy “tools” to the lid of the toilet tank! Needless to say, ti was a big hit at the party with both family and friends. My son grinned from ear to ear, as you can see in the picture, and even some of his buddies were taking pictures of it!

The toilet cake idea could easily be adapted to celebrate a job change, a monumental birthday or a retirement. After I had done this cake, I was doing a retirement cake for a dear friend of mine and my daughter joked with me that she thought I was doing another toilet cake for that occaision as well. Her idea…. write ” Take this job and flush IT!!!! Happy baking!!!

Funny Homemade Toilet with Plungers Cake

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