Funny Birthday Cake Photo Ideas of Toilet Cakes

Coolest Birthday Cake Photo Ideas of Toilet Cakes

My nine year-old son wanted to have a “Totally Gross” birthday party. So in keeping with the theme I decided to make a toilet cake. I got the idea from a cake photo I saw on site. I used a chocolate box cake mix for the “bowl” and baked it in a glass bowl. For … Read more

Funny Toilet Paper Cake

Birthday cake for a customer

I loved making this cake. I laughed the whole time I was making it. Especially around this coronavirus situation. A customer requested it for her husband. I had seen one or two toilet paper cakes previously and I wanted mines to look a little different and the customers loved it and found it hilarious.

The Quarantine Birthday Cake – Toilet Paper Roll Cake!

Toilet Paper Cake

Once the country started to shut down, people for whatever reason decide that toilet paper would be the “hot commodity”! Even though I would never use this roll of TP in the bathroom, it’s very appropriate for the kitchen! We had to take advantage of this trend to help people smile during this crazy time … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Crap Cake


I made this chocolate fudge cake for my father in laws 70th birthday. He had just retired from working in hardware so thought this idea was perfect! He has sold toilets and all things plumbing for over 50 years (Plus he has a great sense of humour)! The cake was a huge hit at his surprise … Read more

Just for Fun Adult Toilet Bowl Birthday Cake

Just for Fun Adult Toilet Bowl Birthday Cake

A friend’s husband complained constantly about getting older. “Crap I am getting old”, he’d say.  We grew tired of this continuous whining and made him this toilet cake for his 40th birthday. My friend found this cake idea on an internet site, so we had to try it. We had a lot of fun doing this … Read more

Coolest Toilet Bowl Cake

Coolest Toilet Bowl Cake

An employee turning 30 years old and having a fit about it, as she thinks this is soo old. We decided to give her an Over the Hill birthday party. What kind of cake should I make? Well, turning thirty must just be crap! So I decided to make a toilet bowl cake. The hardest … Read more

Coolest Toilet Seat Horseshoe Cake

Myself and my caking partner were contacted by a customer about doing a baby shower cake. The client sent us a picture of what she was wanting, it was a 10″ square cake covered in green fondant with white polka dots and on top of that was a horseshoe shaped cake covered in a cow print fondant.  … Read more

Funny Homemade Toilet with Plungers Cake

Funny Homemade Toilet with Plungers Cake

The perfect cake to celebrate Troy’s graduation from the Plumber’s Local’s Apprenticeship – A TOILET with Plungers. After five long years of apprenticeship school, two nights a week while working full time, and with three children, my son, Troy, graduated from Local 5 as a Journeyman Plumber. He said it was not his dream as … Read more

Awesome Party Toilet Birthday Cake

Awesome Party Toilet Birthday Cake

I made this party toilet birthday cake for a longtime family friend that is a plumber. I used two pound cakes and one yellow cake mix combined.  I used an oval pan for the bottom bowl then used the same pan to mold the seat and cover using pastillage. I used two small square pans for … Read more

Funniest Gross Birthday Cake Ever

Toilet Bowl Cake

This funniest gross birthday cake was made for my boss’ birthday. She has an unusual collection of toilet replicas (her hubby is a plumber).  The tank is the cake (strawberry) and the bowl is rice krispies. The lid and seat are made of Wilton candy melts. I poured the melts into the bottom of a cake pan for … Read more

Disgusting but Hilarious Turd Birthday Cake

Disgusting but Hilarious Turd Birthday Cake

My husband and I have 4 couples who are our best friends. We go out together very often and meet at our respective homes too. One day the wife of one of them phoned me and asked me if i could make a cake for her husband’s 40th birthday. She was going to organize a surprise party for him … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toilet Cake Photo and Ideas 1

I used two store bought Angel food cakes and one pound cake. The first cake was set upside down. I then cut a slice off the second cake to put on top as the seat. The pound cake was used as the tank of the potty cake. Since Angel food cakes have a center hole … Read more