Just for Fun Adult Toilet Bowl Birthday Cake

A friend’s husband complained constantly about getting older. “Crap I am getting old”, he’d say.  We grew tired of this continuous whining and made him this toilet cake for his 40th birthday.

My friend found this cake idea on an internet site, so we had to try it. We had a lot of fun doing this one!

The cake was made with two half sheet cakes cut in half and with buttercream between the layers. Dowel support rods were used for the tank.

Two 10 x 3 inch round cakes were baked to make the seat and bowl.  I cut the center out of one 10 inch layer and placed the cut out on top of the second 10 inch layer.  Then, I shaped the bottom of the toilet bowl. For the water I used blue piping gel.

With the remains of the center of the cake cut out of the top 10 inch cake I shaped and formed the plunger and used a large pretzel for the handle.

I piped on writing and the flushing handle and star-tipped the rug.

The all time favorite Baby Ruth candy bar was melted and shaped ofr the contents of the toilet bowl…

We had a lot of comments and fun with this one.

This cake served 100 people. It is very heavy, so make sure it is on a solid wooden board.

I enjoy making cakes and creating different ideas for them. I have been making cakes for 19 years, both professionally and as a hobby.  I love to try new things and have many ideas that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will. I love seeing all the cakes people create and it is good to see so many still decorating.

Decorating cakes sometimes seemed like a dying art. I am very glad to see it is coming back  with so many new and cool ideas.

I will stay connected with your site to see all the great cakes that are posted.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be able to see them.

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