Coolest Toilet and Plunger Cake

This cake was for my brother-in-laws birthday, he owns his own plumbing business and I wanted to do something funny and I knew he would get a kick out of this toilet cake.

For the toilet I used a loaf pan, oval pan, and 8″ square pan. The Plunger I used the mini wonder mold pan. Once the cakes were cooled I stacked and trimmed them down to make the shape of a toilet (I took a picture of my toilet to give me a visual). I used dowel rods to support the weight of the bowl and cut down a cake board to the size of the bowl.

Once everything was cut down I iced the bottom and back portion of the toilet first, then the bowl and placed it on the toilet. For the toilet seat I melted white chocolate, poured in the oval pan, then placed in the freezer to harden. Once the chocolate was ready I lightly tapped the pan on the counter to loosen the chocolate and turned the pan upside down to take out the chocolate. I filled a decorating bag with melted chocolate and used a #3 tip to write on the lid, let it dry for a few minutes. I cut a whole the size of the lid in the back of the bowl attached a dowel rod to the chocolate using melted chocolate and a heated up dowel rod and place the lid in the whole behind the bowl.

For the plunger I mixed burgundy and a very little bit of brown to get the color. And for the handle on the plunger I used a plastic dowel rod with one end covered in plastic wrap then taped around the dowel rod so chocolate would not come out, poured melted chocolate using a funnel into the dowel rod and set in a cup standing up in the freezer to harden. Once the chocolate was done I just pushed the chocolate out of the dowel rod with a wooden dowel rod and placed in the middle of the plunger.

For the water in the toiled I used Wilton gel with blue coloring and made the droppings with melted chocolate.

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