Funny Homemade Toilet Cake

I made this toilet cake for my brother-in-law and nephew for their shared 60th and 40th birthday surprise party. I purchased a Wilton Horseshoe cake pan for the toilet seat.

I used two white cake mixes and had to make two separate cakes, then put one on top of the other to make it higher. They were then frosted with White Fluffy Sugar frosting. The toilet lid is made out of cardboard, which I spray painted white and reinforced with heavier cardboard (stapled) on the base in front and back to make it stand up alone.

The cake is on another separate piece of cardboard covered in white freezer paper not attached to the toilet lid so I could transport it to the party. The “waste” inside the toilet is a semi-melted Baby Ruth Candy Bar.

Funny Homemade Toilet Cake

10 thoughts on “Funny Homemade Toilet Cake”

  1. Hi Ma –

    Had a great time at the party – Great
    to see everybody – The cake looked
    just like what it was meant to look
    like – a toilet! but it tasted great

    Love ya


  2. Great idea, I love it. We are going to throw my step-father a 60th and this cake would be perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love it! I am making a cake for my husband’s 30th and his Dad’s 60th shared surprise party. This is just perfect! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea!!!


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