Coolest Pikachu Lego Cake

Mission: “Mom, I would like a Pokemon cake for by birthday, no wait, a Lego cake, no I really want, a Pokemon cake for my Lego party.”

I started by baking a 9×13 vanilla sheet cake. By using a little shortening and flour it easily came out of the pan in one clean piece. Let it cool- completely. Cut it into 4 blocks. I made sure the bricks looked like 2×1 bricks so I trimmed a little off each end. These trimmed pieces served me well since the kids wanted to taste the cake right away! I made a vanilla buttercream frosting and divided it into 4 portions. I colored each portion as I went. I used professional-type gel colors- they are vivid. I prefer to use natural colorings and suspended my dislike for various dyes for the day- afterall it’s my kid’s birth day and white or chocolate colors Lego bricks didn’t give the effect he wanted.

Ice the brick, ice two Oreos (I used vanilla – the lighter color is easier to cover) and add the iced cookies to the brick. Move on to the next brick and the next until you have all the colors you need. Arrange on a sheet and refrigerate. It was August, I needed them to be good and set up. You may not need to chill yours, but I did.

At the party I added the letters that I had made using craft foam sheets and stick-on foam letters. I made Pikachu using an online tutorial. This Homemade Pikachu Lego Cake was easy to accomplish- designing it to meet the specifications of my 8-year old took longer than anything else. The cake was a hit and served 12-15 kids.