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Coolest Pink My Little Pony Birthday Cake

First I’d like to say thanks to all the people who gave their ideas on this site. I made this homemade pink My Little Pony birthday cake after looking at your lovely cakes for my daughter Scarlett on her 2nd birthday.

I used two round fruit cakes – one on top of the other for the body and legs. I found a colouring picture of a MLP and used this as a basis for my design. I cut the cake into the shape required for the body and the legs. I covered the pony body with white fondant icing (my children don’t like marzipan).

For the head I bought a dummy polystyrene oval and carved it into the head shape using my husband’s pen-knife (it was actually easier than it sounds). I covered this with white fondant icing leaving the ragged ends to be used for the neck. I put 3 dowels into the fruit cake and then carefully slid the head on. I then used various shades of pink icing to make the mane and tail, by rolling into long thin sausages. I used food colouring to paint the eyes, ears and mouth. I also used it to paint the heart on the leg and the rose on the back.

I loved making this homemade pink My Little Pony birthday cake, I hope you will too.

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  1. This really is a fantastic cake and you should be very proud of yourself – you have obvious artistic ability.
    Super super super – thanks for sharing it. (and do you know how much a shop would charge for this kind of cake – upwards of £100 depending on where you are in the country) – maybe you need a change of career?

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Its so nice to get feedback from other people. I have since made another in purple (for my niece)which i will put up shortly. Once again thank you. Michelle

  3. Thanks so much for the great feedback.
    I think the pan size was 8 inch round but i have since seen an oval shaped pan which would make the job more easy.
    I have only made cakes for my children and relations but I am based in Hawkwell SS5 and can be reached at the-coldwells@tiscali.co.uk
    thank you Michelle C

  4. We must have the same cake decorating cook book as the two different cake recipes you’ve used are two that are suggested in the book I use the Madeira cake when ever I am making a decorative cake. I am considering making a cake like this one for my daughters 4th birthday, but am not sure I could sculpt the body. Any tips on how to do that? Also, have you ever thought of doing cereal treats for the head? I’ve never used them before, but of course have seen them used on cooking shows.

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Your cake is amazing. I thought I would attempt to make one it for my daughters 3rd birthday. I am wondering how you attached the tail and mane to the cake?


  6. At the time the only thing i could think of to support the tail that was flexible and food safe was a plastic baby spoon. I bent this into the shape i wanted and then stuck the handle end into the backside of the pony. I then just added loads of rolled icing on the piece that i had left sticking out. I have since discovered that i can buy pieces of stainless steel wire which i twist together to make the support for the tail.
    The head was just attached using 3 wooden dowels and the icing up to the base of the neck to cover the join and help support the head.
    Yes i have used rice krispie treats and they do work well, but you have to work more when covering them as they tend to be a bit lumpy.
    Hope this helps.

    To sculpt the body i used 2 round fruit cakes. the bottom one just had a small triangle shape cut out both sides at the front where the back legs end. The next layer i just carved a gentle slope to make both sides of the body and the cuttings i put back on top in the centre to make the backside higher and to slope up to the neck.
    For the front legs i just cut a small wedge out of the middled of the two legs and using my hands squeased both legs into a more rounded shape.
    I tend to use fruit cake for this reason as i can mould it into the shapes i want using my hands.

    Good luck and I cant wait to see your pictures.
    If you want to see more of my cakes i am now on face book michelle coldwell

  7. Your cake is absolutely amazing. I am so impressed by it. Looks absolutely professional and better than any I have seen. Congratulations on an amazing skill. I’m in South Africa and you Australian ladies make great cakes!

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments. I am on Facebook under Michelle Coldwell. I am based in Hockley Essex. Just friend me to get in touch. Cheers!


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